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What issues do you address?

  • Our work is driven by you. Use team coaching sessions to encourage a group of accomplished attorneys to become a fully engaged and highly productive team. We work to identify a team's performance challenges and we customize our coaching sessions to overcome them.

  • Jumpstart a new working group, or integrate new members into an established group, to ensure collaboration and productivity in the long term.

  • Select one or more professional skills for a series of training sessions -- from effective presentations to focused legal writing or ethics compliance.

  • Arrange a series of one-on-one sessions to accomplish specific professional goals or explore professional possibilities.    ​

Who are your typical clients?

  • We work with individual attorneys, law firms large and small, and corporate legal departments of any size. Our expertise extends to academia, government agencies and non-profits. 

Who is your point of contact in an organization?

  • Our point of contact varies. It can be a managing partner, a marketing or professional development director or an HR manager. Individual attorneys contact us directly for their coaching needs.   ​

What is your fee structure?

  • Our fees are based on the amount of time we spend with the client. We provide half-day and full-day coaching or training sessions for teams. We provide hourly coaching sessions for individuals in packages of 6, 12 and 18 hours. We welcome requests for customized sessions of any sort. ​

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