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  • We are proactive. We begin every relationship with an assessment of needs. We define the precise outcome you seek and recommend a path to reach it. We never arrive with a canned lecture or a script. 

  • We get to know you before the session begins. We contact each team member in advance of the initial group meeting to ensure that we connect on a personal level. We do the same with individual clients.

  • We practice with you. We moot arguments, presentations and conversations, whether intended for a court, a client or a colleague.

  • We write, and rewrite, with you. We read, edit, and recommend revisions to written material. As often as you need.

  • We facilitate breakthroughs. We guide a team's transition to a higher level of productivity by broadening workplace competence and encouraging creativity. 

  • We follow up. We provide feedback and present findings. We offer a forward-focused plan.


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